Smart Buildings

BAS Suppliers will Need to Refine Business Models to Win BIoT Business

In a previous article The Evolution of BIoT… Will it be Top Down or Bottom Up? we reviewed how the introduction of IoT in buildings would bring about a fundamental change in the responsibility of delivering Smart Buildings; With "new" players from the IT and Communications business taking centre stage and existing Building Automation System (BAS) suppliers taking a reduced role in the design and installation of new BIoT Smart Buildings. The article also pointed out that the installation of 3 of the 4 main contracts for BIoT in new construction smart buildings would go to the IT & Communications manufacturers and their system integrators. However the value of the BAS hardware associated with BIoT projects at installed prices was still $35.15Bn in 2014, accounting for some 60.5%. In contrast to Enablement Hardware with a 13% share, Network Communication Services with 16.5% and IoT Data Services with 10%. Projecting the sales of these 4 major […]

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Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings Are Being Forced into a Cyber AI Arms Race

Cyber-attacks now rank alongside natural disasters and climate change as one of humanity’s top ten risks globally, according to the World Economic Forum. Like pandemics and global economic crises, a wide range of buildings, businesses, public services, and almost every facet of society is at risk after the widespread proliferation of connected technologies, such as the […]

Smart Buildings

Mapping the Strategic Direction of Johnson Controls – Part 1

This Research Note examines the emerging strategic priorities of Johnson Controls (JCI) in the smart buildings space. We have mapped acquisitions, divestments, strategic partnerships and investment activity to ascertain the growth ambitions of the group, by categorizing the various business relationships by technology and investment type over a 3-year period. This article, part 1 of a 2-part analysis, is intended […]

Smart Buildings

The Single Pair Ethernet Enabler for Building Connectivity

“For over 30-years twisted-pair (TP) cabling has been used to transmit voice, data, and power over the same infrastructure. It has been crucial to integrating operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) on a single TP ethernet platform during that time as we have seen technological advancements that have expanded the use of the now-ubiquitous […]

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