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Live Stream: How Many Connected Devices are Installed in Commercial Buildings?

Join us on Thursday 30th March at 1130 Paris | 1030 London | 0630 New York | 1430 Dubai for a FREE 30-minute Live Stream discussing our Brand New Research on the Number of IoT Connected Devices being Installed in Commercial Smart Buildings!

The Recording of this Live Stream is now available! Click Here.

There is an increasing industry push towards improving the value of data generated by the IoT through improved systems integration, as opposed to limited siloed systems. To achieve this within buildings, a layered horizontal systems architecture is increasingly being advocated for, which is technology agnostic, by using open standards, open protocols, and non-proprietary solutions.

The level of fragmentation we continue to observe in the market can act as a source of confusion and frustration for buyers, with many vendors of point solutions and platforms vying for attention.

Connected Devices

Aspects of Connected Devices we will be Discussing

  • What is our Latest Estimate for the Installed Base of IoT Connected Devices in Commercial Real Estate in 2022 and beyond?
  • What are the Key Meta Trends Driving Growth and Barriers that need to be Overcome?

Space is limited and this LIVE Stream will fill up because it is FREE and also a great opportunity to hear an in-depth discussion on the growth of IoT connected devices in the built environment, specifically commercial real estate.

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