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Overview of the Startup Landscape. Who is Gaining Traction?

We have published a new report that evaluates the Startup Landscape of Smart Buildings in 2023. Of the 1,266 companies founded since 2012 in the management and operations phase of the global smart commercial buildings space, 801 are active and fit our definition of a Startup. This report selects 100 startups for further analysis that have gained traction in the last 2 years across 10 major segments.

Our definition of a Startup is “a private company formed no earlier than 2012 that is focused on the commercial and industrial buildings market, is not a subsidiary or an acquisition of a larger company and is often financed by venture capital or private equity funding.”

The number of companies identified which fit our definition has increased by 20% compared to the 665 startups in the 3rd edition of this report published in 2021. The smart building startup landscape is continuing to expand, but at a slower rate than in 2021, when we saw a 38% increase in the number of new entrants founded.

A further 352 startups have been acquired between 2012 and 2022 – 28% of the total. See our January 2023 Report for further details. Non-operational and closed startups account for around 6% of the total landscape.

Overview of the Smart Building Startup Landscape 2023

The report shows how technology segments gaining traction are impacted by the increased demand for climaterelated technologies to address energy efficiency, grid interactive buildings and carbon emissions management in commercial real estate.

It demonstrates the critical contribution that Startups are making to the introduction of innovation in Smart Buildings & PropTech spaces.

Within its 103 Pages and 42 Presentation Slides, The Report Sieves out all the Key Facts and Draws Conclusions, so you can understand what the StartUp Landscape looks like in 2023 and how these Companies are Shaping the Future of PropTech.

For only USD $2,000 this report provides valuable information for all stakeholders and investors to assess the impact and range of companies in all growth sectors of the smart buildings space. It includes at no extra cost, a presentation file with high-resolution charts from the reportThis report is also included in our 2023 Premium Subscription Service.

3 thoughts on “Overview of the Startup Landscape. Who is Gaining Traction?

  1. Interesting graphical presentation || data points & categories nicely representing key areas

    Question: what data sources used for research ?

    1. Thanks Larry! It’s our own research. We’ve been specifically tracking startup companies in this space since 2016, and have been building a data set since then.

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