Smart Buildings

Haystack’s Tagging Framework Bringing Order to Chaotic World of BIoT

Haystacks can be round or rectangular depending on local traditions or modern tools but always designed to store and protect hay (grass) from the elements in harsh farmland environments. The grass is collected, sorted and structured to ensure it is accessible when required. Haystack’s regular shapes contrast with the natural landscape - like beacons of order in a chaotic world of mud, machines, and manure. In the cleaner but equally chaotic world of the Building Internet of Things (BIoT), buildings flooded with sensors create cascades of information flowing towards big data analytics engines. If unsorted or badly sorted, it accumulates into a thick data mud, which makes it slow and complex for systems to find the insights they are looking for. However, an open source initiative named Project Haystack is streamlining the process of working with data from the IoT. “Macro trends in technology are making it increasingly cost-effective to instrument and collect data about […]

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Smart Cities Should be Driving the Development of Smart Buildings

In 1950 only 30% of people lived in urban areas, now over 56% of people live in increasingly crowded cities – and that is expected to rise to 66% by 2050 as an additional 2.5 billion people join the global urban population. Urbanization creates numerous issues for citizens, including congestion, pollution, and poverty, but our crowded […]

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Smart Buildings

Podcast #7: Artificial Intelligence + Domain Knowledge = A Smarter Building

In this new Podcast series, Memoori explores the intersection between technology and commercial real estate through interesting conversations. Artificial Intelligence + Domain Knowledge = A Smarter Building! In episode #7 we talk to Johan Brunius, the CTO of Swedish Startup Myrspoven ( We discuss the application of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Commercial Buildings. […]

Smart Cities

Are Workplaces the Gateway Smart Environment?

What is the ultimate goal of smart technology? Is it to maximize productivity in workplaces? Is it to achieve net-zero energy performance? Is it to accurately predict human behavior? Is it to create digital urban utopias? Or, is it simply to make life better for users? There may be no right answer but all of […]

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