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This survey is about the state of the physical security industry and its most important challenge today; consolidation. Without a major restructuring, the industry will be unable to properly deliver the benefits of new technology (such as improved performance and increased productivity), to its clients and thereby sustain profitable future growth for all industry stakeholders.

This study assesses the shape and state of the security business in 2009 and the part that finance, entrepreneurship, technological and commercial trends will play in bringing about consolidation in 2010 and beyond. It brings together all the quantitative and qualitative information about the business so that a realistic appraisal can be made about its future. Hard numbers about size, structure, shape and growth of the market are detailed before assessing the case for consolidation through merger, acquisition and alliance.

Our research shows there is a dearth of information about these basic factors, particularly market shape and growth. Whilst market size is relatively well covered, estimates can differ by an order of magnitude and often lack clear definition. This report aims to deliver this basic information and then analyses the major cornerstone of business strategy today; merger, acquisition and alliance. Based on detailed mergers and acquisitions data compiled over the last two years, it analyses valuation benchmarks and the part that finance, entrepreneurship, technological and commercial trends play in bringing about major consolidation and restructuring in the electronic security industry.

Within its 60 pages and 16 charts / tables, this survey tells you:

  • World Sales of Security Products by Type.
  • World Distribution of Security Products by Major Regions.
  • Distribution of Sales by Major Grouping & Value.
  • Distribution of Sales by Major Grouping & Number of Companies.

We show the average revenue per group and the subsequent market share of key players, to illustrate how fragmented the industry is and why focus and specialisation is particularly important at this time.

The study also analyses M&A; drivers and strategy through the part played by strategic acquisitions; reviewing how market fundamentals and technology drive acquisitions and why IT & Defence companies will influence the consolidation process in the future. We go on to show the performance of mergers and acquisitions from 2000 to 2009, separating cash deals from stock for stock deals and then forecasts transactions to 2015. We then review valuation performance through various exit multiples from 2005 through to 2009 and review technology and its impact on valuation. We look at the state of the investment business and its exposure to the security industry before listing some 81 Venture Capital companies, showing where 66 of these have invested in the security industry. Finally we review new start-ups and entrepreneurship in the IP Video sector and conclude that few will be ready for an IPO, but a significant proportion will be acquired through strategic buys. We list some 50 companies that we believe are potential acquisition targets.

Who will find this Information of Value?

The study will be of interest to all those involved in managing and operating electronic security companies (or their advisors) around the world and in particular those wishing to acquire, merge, sell or find alliance partners.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Executive Summary
    1. Introduction
    2. Size, Structure & Shape of the Business
      • 2.1 Market Size
      • 2.2 Structure of the Market
      • 2.3 The New Economy
    3. The Case for Consolidation through Merger, Acquisition & Alliance
      • 3.1 Market Share
      • 3.2 Specialisation is Key
      • 3.3 Mergers will Play a more Important Role
      • 3.4 The Role Alliances can Play
    4. Strategy & Performance of Mergers & Acquisitions
      • 4.1 Analysing M&A; Drivers & Strategy
        • 4.1.1 Strategic Acquisitions
        • 4.1.2 Market Fundamentals & Technology Drive Acquisitions
        • 4.1.3 I.T. & Defence Companies Buy Into the Security Industry
      • 4.2 The Progress of Consolidation & Outlook to 2015
        • 4.2.1 M&A; Strategy in 2008 / 9
        • 4.2.2 M&A; Driven by the Defence Companies in 2008 / 9
      • 4.3 Valuation – Exit Multiples & Drivers
        • 4.3.1 Performance of Exit Multiples 2005 – 2009
        • 4.3.2 Technology & Its Impact on Valuation
    5. 5. The Investment Market
      • 5.1 The State of the Investment Business and Exposure to the Security Industry
      • 5.2 Investors in the Security Industry
      • 5.3 Few Major Recipients of Investment Funds are Ready for Sale
    6. 6. Identifying Potential Candidates for Merger & Acquisition
      • 6.1 New Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship in the IP Video Industry
      • 6.2 A Dearth of IPO’s but Growth in Strategic Buys
      • 6.3 Potential Acquisition Targets


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