Signify’s Lighting Business 2021 Examined

February 1st, 2022
Smart Buildings

Commercial Building Stakeholders Increasing Engagement with Accelerators

October 28th, 2019
Smart Buildings

Collaboration is Increasing in the Smart Building Industry But We Can Do More?

“… & … collaborate to accelerate smart building development,” proclaim many recent headlines within smart building’s industry media, marking a significant rise from just a few years ago. In an industry where inter-connectedness is king and adoption is struggling, collaborations offer a means to spur market growth through joint efforts and combined offerings that give […]


Physical Security Business Strategies will Need to Make Some Fundamental Changes

This article reviews the 3 main product categories that make up the physical security business. It compares their structures and discusses the technology trends and demand drivers that will bring about further growth in this dynamic business. This analysis highlights what we believe are the 5 most important factors that will determine future strategies. The […]

Smart Cities

Confused World of IoT Alliances Showing Signs of Maturing

“The Industry Alliances and Consortia universe is still a bit of a mess,” states our new report The Internet of Things in Smart Commercial Buildings 2016 to 2021. The in-depth report explores the emerging sector for connected devices in a commercial real estate market that is quickly becoming a major driving force in the internet […]

Smart Cities

Smart Grid M&A Activity & Value Forecast to Decrease in 2012

One of the most encouraging findings from Memoor’s annual report “The Smart Grid Business 2011 to 2016” is that in the space of 5 years M&A; have grown from $134 million in 2007 to $10.6 billion in 2011. Both the growth and now scale indicate the supply side is gearing up to meet the requirements […]

Smart Cities

How is the Smart Grid Business Performing – What Shape is it in Now

Before we answer the question let’s paint some of the background to the smart grid business. Last month we posed the question “Will Smart Grid outperform its Clean Tech Cousins?”. We concluded that for a number of reasons smart grid offers a less risky investment to both financers and players, and that there was a […]


Survey of the Security Business 2009 – Shape, Structure & Consolidation

This survey is about the state of the physical security industry and its most important challenge today; consolidation. Without a major restructuring, the industry will be unable to properly deliver the benefits of new technology (such as improved performance and increased productivity), to its clients and thereby sustain profitable future growth for all industry stakeholders. […]

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