Net Zero Buildings Explored: International House Sydney, Australia

March 28th, 2024
Smart Buildings

Recording: The Value of Smartness

October 20th, 2022
Complimentary Article
Smart Cities

Smart Cities Can Become Ecological Cities Through Biomorphic Urbanism

When British explorer Henry Hudson first sailed up the Muhheakantuck River in 1609 he would have seen native Lenape settlements dotted across a vast natural island landscape that would later be known as Manhattan Island. Fast forward 400-years and that island has become one of the least natural places in the world. The dense grid […]

Smart Cities

Google’s Sidewalk Labs is Building a Building Factory in Toronto

When Google’s sister company, Sidewalk Labs, “released” its leaked master plan for the Toronto quayside development it was met with mixed reviews. For those staunchly against increased corporate involvement in public spaces and urban planning, and for those who adore anything Google does, minds were already made up before the plans emerged. However, most people […]

Smart Buildings

Biophilia is Slowly Seeping into Smart Building Design

Biophilia is a growing and loosely defined topic within the smart workplace evolution. It relates to humans’ intrinsic need for nature but is often symbolized by the simple addition of indoor plants or photographs of nature on the walls, and therefore is often not given a significant amount of attention by facility management. However, the […]

Smart Buildings

Biophilic Design: The Natural Approach To Smart Buildings

A recent survey commissioned by Ambius found that 35% of office workers don’t get more than 15 minutes of outdoor time during their typical workday. A further 13% say they are able to stretch their outdoor time to 30 minutes per day while only 22% manage to spend over an hour outside each day. The […]

Smart Buildings

Using Nature to Solve the Top Complaint in the Open Office

This article was contributed by Evan Benway & Jonathan Chen from Plantronics. When presented with the opportunity to spend their day indoors or in nature, most individuals would choose the latter. We know that our fundamental attraction to nature is defined by the positive impact nature has on our personal wellbeing, happiness, and restoration. This […]

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