Smart Buildings

We Already Have Plenty of Sensors in Buildings – The Occupants Themselves

We try to flood buildings with sensors that see, hear, and even smell the indoor environment. The gathered data can then be used to better understand the problems and opportunities a building presents. However, the approach by Boston-based firm CrowdComfort highlights the fact that we already have plenty of sensors in our buildings - the eyes, ears and noses of the occupants themselves. This simple idea, originally pitched at the 2013 Boston Cleanweb Hackathon, was the starting point and basis for CrowdComfort. They sought to bring these sensors online using a smartphone app, and in doing so they hope to unlock efficiencies in building and workplace management. Their Human Sensor Network naturally highlights the most important issues for occupants in a building, by literally using human intelligence at the system’s edge. Last week, Memoori spoke with Eric Graham Co-Founder & CEO of CrowdComfort, about their approach, as well as wider issues around occupancy analytics, predictive […]

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Smart Buildings

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Smart Buildings

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