Smart Buildings

BAS Meets the Internet of Things, Creating the Future of Smart Buildings

Building automation system (BAS) technology has come a long way since its modern origins 40 years ago. Sophisticated for their time, first-generation systems ran on dedicated mainframe microcomputers and used pneumatics to control heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. The BAS could perform a few basic functions, such as controlling temperatures by turning the HVAC system on and off. Just over 20 years ago, a significant disruptive class of technology emerged in the market that tested traditional building management, and nothing has been the same since. A primarily mechanical driven environment was introduced to affordable microcomputers and the advent of IP-based technology. With that came the arrival of embedded electronics and interoperable subsystems: mechanical, electrical and software. Wide adoption of the building automation and control network (BACnet) protocol enabled another step change improvement in automated control systems. In concert with factory mounted digital controls, BACnet allowed the BAS to communicate directly with disparate systems […]

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Smart Buildings

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